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  • Coming together is a beginning,
  • staying together is progress,
  • working together is success. by Henry Ford.


Montem Mining Company (Montem Group of companies) is an operator company focused on development of solid minerals in Russia and abroad.
Montem Mining Company fully integrated business consists of Group of companies including Montem Special Service, Montem Technology, Montem Service, Steal Trade.

Montem Group of companies provides a range of services for implementation of mining works and opencast mining of solid minerals like coal, building materials, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals.

Mining company Montem is the only operating company, which became a founder of OOORUP, All-Russian coal mining industry employers' association.

In December 2012 Montem launches Siberian Engineering Center «Mine Expert» in alliance with Kuzbass State Technical University KuzGTU.
Currently Montem operates several mines in Siberia and develops Russian-Mongolian project GPMining in order to launch mining works in Mongolian mines by 2013.